Sunday, May 20, 2018

Getting Rid of Stuff

We're still working on the house. It's going slow but steady. We're hoping to be done and have the house on the market at the end of June.

We've been spending the last few weekends cleaning the basement and closets and getting rid of a lot of stuff  that I have been holding on to for some reason.

Like this dress that Shauna wore when she was 6 and a flower girl in a friends wedding.

It was such a cute dress but it's yellowed and Shauna doesn't want it. Plus, the people who got married were divorced a long time ago!  So, into the garbage it went!

And this coat that belonged to my mom.

She loved it and I have held on to it for all this time! But I will never wear it so into the donation bag it went!

We've donated bags and bags of books, CD's and DVD's to the local library.

So slowly but surely we are making a dent in all of the stuff we accumulated over the years.

Thursday we are having the two windows replaced in the master bedroom. They are wood windows and the wood in the bottom panes is rotted beyond repair. We got 4 quotes and went with H@me Dep@t because they were the least expensive.

Work is going OK. It hasn't been crazy busy lately so it's nice to be able to keep up. The whole Pathology Department is moving off site in a few months. We are relocating about four miles closer to my house which is nice. The best part is that I won't have to take a bus into work from  my parking spot anymore!

Here's a picture of our little Maxwell

He's going to be a big brother! Shauna and Brad are expecting another baby boy in October!

Until the next time....

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Working On The House

We have spent the last few weeks working on this house of ours with plans of selling in a few months.

Disclaimer: I say we but Rich is doing 90% of the work right now. He is retired and has the time; I work and am gone from home 10 hours a day. 

The first thing we decided to tackle was taking the old, worn out carpeting out of the bedrooms upstairs.

I had suspected that there might be hardwood floors underneath and I was right. What was surprising was what good shape they were in!

This is the first and smallest bedroom we worked on. I didn't get any before pictures but this is after we painted and put new shoe molding on. All we did to the floor is clean it and shine it up some. It's far from perfect but I think it's good enough!

Then next room was the second largest room. It had a pink carpet which Rich pulled up one day.

Then we took old wallpaper down and Rich had to fix a few areas of the walls that were bad.

We took two days to paint and then we cleaned the floor and shined it up. This is my favorite room!

The rugs are just two pieces of carpet remnant that we had sitting in the basement from when we had carpeting done in the family room about 12 years ago!  They are good enough!

We are currently in the process of working on the master bedroom. The carpet is up and the floor is a little rough in spots.

I'll do a post when we are done with the room!

Here's our little Maxwell. He caught a cold and doesn't feel good today :( His little cheeks get so rosy!

Until the next time....